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  • Webbing not showing up in render / mesh only showing in render

    Hi, CLO team  Curious why webbing in attached is no longer showing up in render?Also, curious why back mesh storage panel only shows up in render? It's not thick textured or textured  surface optio...

  • Recovery joint motion recording after rendering still images

        Hi, CLO team  Hope all is well. I used a specific frame from an fbx animation from mixamo that was transferred to a joint motion to generate a still render. Unfortunately, the recording of the ...

  • stubborn mesh - trying to loop webbing through a obj avatar

    Hello CLO  I'm having a hell of a time looping fabric mesh through an obj avatar (bag clip). See attached. It's webbing that I'm trying to loop through an obj - imported as an avatar. A simple webb...

  • bizarre mesh stretch when simulating

    After drafting and sewing a pocket to my jacket, I hit simulate to attach it. Then, this large, abstract form appears and sucks my entire outfit to it. I've never experienced this kind of error  be...