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how to use polygon tool


  • aann



    Here is link to explain how to use the 2D pattern tools.

  • vitav

    thank you Annika. 

    I tired steps above to measure saddle width on the pant, but it doesnt show me the full line length. It only show me length of the seam allowance.

    How can i see full saddle width?

  • ottoline

    You cannot have a line sit outside the pattern piece.  If you need to gather specific measures you can set internal pattern baselines and use that as a reference to then make measures to with the point of measure tool.


    As described in the previous post to you any polygon shape using that tool must be a closed (manifold) shape, it cannot be a single line. If you want a single line, then use the internal line tool > and convert that to a baseline reference on your pattern piece and use that as a reference that the auto cursor will pickup and measure to.


    Reference baselines can be used as construction lines that you then use as measurement points.

  • aann

    If you want just to check the measurment and do not need to keep the reference line, you can use the tack tool just to see the measurment. Make sure to remove the tack line afterwards as it would otherwise tack the two pattern pieces together.

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