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Problems with creating a pattern piece over an imported image (AI or Jpeg)


  • mafgreene

    I have only one option for trace - TRACE. That's it when tracing an image. I do get that option if i create a pattern piece and then decide to trace it.
    So since tracing with the actual trace function seems to nothing ( i am sure i am doing something wrong i just cannot figure out what it is with the tutorials available so far) I am using the polygon tool (not the internal polygon tool).

  • jne4sl

    The yellow line is a shape that isn't currently on top of a pattern.  If you go into trace, double click that shape and then choose "trace as pattern", do you get the pattern you want? 

    I'm having trouble following your current situation, but I do this frequently.  If you have the pattern on an image, first draw the outline overtop using the *internal polygon tool*, not polygon.  Then do as above, go to trace tool, select the shape, choose either  "trace as pattern" or "cut".  If you choose trace, it will be assigned whatever fabric is currently selected, at a random point in the print.  If choose cut it will have your original fabric, and the same texture layout, this can be useful.  You can then delete the hole you've just created in the image you're tracing from, if that's unwanted.

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