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Are there any pre-programmed trousers or leggings?


  • CLO Designers

    Hi amyjema. Welcome to CLO! There are no pre made pants in CLO, but you can go to our Marketplace and purchase/download premade assets there.

  • ottoline

    Basically pants don't have the pattern panel variation you might find in the other modular garment items, where variation might be more of a factor.

    Although there is a (very basic) pants modular template you would likely need to make pant styles on a per garment basis as the only variation is the waistband. Pockets, and trim variation would all be separate if using the pants modular template.

    Pants is one modular template that is sadly (cough) well behind the curve 'ball', when it comes to modular template thinking. It's apparently a 'legless' part of CLO3D.  It could do with someone 'walking' over the subject matter. Maybe a quick 'run down' on why it's not technically possible to have more pant's in modular.  (<< that was a triple 'Mike Myers' (aka Austin Powers) of leg puns, as a 'serious' call to action for CLO3D, if you missed it!)

  • Annika Andersson


    For denim jeans construction, here is a video with parcitice file: Garment Construction: Pants(EN) - YouTube. Maybe something to help you get you started.


  • kevintungdesigns


    We made a Clo3D Pant Block for the modular configurator featuring 4 leg shapes - Slim / Straight / Flare / Wide Leg. Every version comes with functioning front / back pockets, front fly, and waistband.

    Check it out here.



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