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    CLO Designers

    eddyyy9 If you add the print via the Add Print option in the Object Browser, you will not be able to move the print.

    See attached image.
    If you drag the print from the Library (red oval) onto the Fabric Icon (red circle) in the Fabric Browser you can move, rotate it using the Editi Texture Tool (Red Squares).

  • eddyyy9

    Thank you, It was because i had a transparent background on my print which didn't allow me to move the print. I've added a background to the print and i can move the image :)

  • jeannette
    • same for me this is very tuff, even I edit the sens vertical on edit textures , all are coming back with wrong , I have tried with correcting on print layout , but all the times it's coming back with wrong vertical .

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