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    Hi sheerstitchery. These should be in your avatar folders. But if they are not here are a few ways you might be able to find them

    1)Make sure the CLO Library is updated. If you have a Bright Blue Button in the Library Tab it means there are updates available. If the Blue Dot is there press the button below that is circled

    2)You may have lots the link to the avatar files. You can copy the file path for any default assets in the software, and use this to find the Avatar folder!

    If you right click on any default assets in the CLO library, you can Copy the Path.

    Once you have the path you can Relink the Path in CLO. Select the Plus sign icon in the Library section depending on where you want to add. Paste the file path into the file explorer, then go back one level to Assets. You can then relink the avatars to where they should be


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