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    CLO Designers

    chinthaka123 Please contact us through our website contact page;

  • chinthaka123

    Hello there,

    Regarding the previous matter i've received an email from you saying there were another account So i tried in using "chinthaka123" as the user name, it worked and in this account it says the license is expired and i have to buy it. As you know i've already payed in previous account "".And  i cannot logging to the closet with this account. And since now i cannot logging to the account i've paid and purchased, it says the password or user name is incorrect thus it does not allow me to reset the password. How come i solve this problem... how can i recover the account i've already paid and how come i logging to the CLOSET by using same account.

    Highly appreciated your help here.

  • CLO Designers

    chinthaka123 Any licensing/log in issues need to be addressed via email through the contact page.

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