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    CLO Designers

    t7harris If you are referring to the mesh of the avatar being visible, you can divide the mesh by clicking the check box in the Property Editor. See attached Image.

  • CLO Designers

    Hi trilla,

    Do you mean some parts of the avatar skin are showing and the clothes cannot cover the avatar?

    You can try to adjust the Pattern's Particle Distance to a smaller value, like 10mm/ 5mm to increase the resolution of the garment. Then, the garment will look finer and dressing well.

  • t7harris

    this is what i am getting you see how it shows to many body details at the boob part

  • Pablo Quintana

    t7harris, that can't be fixed in CLO. You'll have to get another avatar or modify this one outside of CLO.

  • ottoline

    An anime type character will have body shaping outside the norm of human shape therefore you need to adapt your pattern making and sizing to conform to that exotic body shape, that is simply a pattern making issue for body shape fit. CLO3D avatars are based on the clothing standards range of human sizing, thus if your character is outside the scope of these dimensions you need to start with a pattern block and baseline pattern block dimensions that fit that character, and adjust pattern shape from there.

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