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Intersecting lines when grading


  • CLO Designers

    To delete your grading go to your Grading Tab in the Object Browser and Click on the trash can Icon to remove certain sizes or all grading.

  • thngswewear


    Thanks for the feedback, and I knew about that feature, but unfortunately that's not what I was looking for. 

    I don't want to delete all of my sizes, bc then I'd have to re-do all of that work.  I just want to eliminate the grade that was causing the issues, so I can fix it.  

    I did eventually figure this out - you have to select the grading tool, select the line/point, and then right click and "reset grading values" 

  • jrussell

    Right click on a point or segment that is going wrong and choose "Reset Grading Values".  It will clear the work from that selection only.  The worst problems occur when grading from a central size in the range.  Grading up from the smallest size works well, and maybe grading down from the largest.  There is definitely a bad negative sign in the code somewhere. What seems to happen is the points move correctly, but the "handle" of a curve sometimes gets flipped 180 degrees when grading down.

  • thngswewear

    hi jrussell, thanks for your help!

    Yes, I was actually having that exact same thought dawn on me- that I've only ever seen a tutorial where they grade UP, but never grading around a a central size.  Plus, when I look at the way the grading input happens, it does seem to be always relating to the size smaller. 

    Agreed- this is a pretty big issue, since most styles are developed around the middle of the size range and then graded up and down from there.  I get that this program isn't maybe geared towards real-life patternmakers, although I would like to think that one could use CLO to develop a first pattern & review how a style might look in a variety of sizing & colors/prints before moving forward with it in the style-development process.   I hope this improves in time. 

    I think from here on out I might just develop & grade my patterns in another CAD program and then import them for 3D visualization only.  I'd love for CLO to be my only tool but I'm not sure I can work around this issue with the grading, it's a pretty big one! 

  • jrussell

    If possible, start by applying grading to points, even if that means duplicating work on both ends of a straight segment.  Then switch to curve grading if needed.  The odd grading issues seem to come from the way CLO handles an adjacent curve when a segment is moved (it holds all the curve points fixed).  You can see this even when you aren't grading. Just play around in the editing window with a simple pattern, grabbing different pieces and wiggling them around.  If you move a point, curve points on adjacent edges are free to move in a predictable way.  But if you grab an entire edge, the curve points are held fixed, and this creates some unexpected shapes.

    So moving a side seam in like this during grading will mean following up by adjusting the curve points in the armhole.  But try something similar moving a point and the armhole deforms more predictably. 

    It's just being presented with a family of these curves during grading that makes this difficult, I think during editing we developing a sense of how not to move things.  And probably both armholes will require more adjusting, it's just the "S" curve is unsettling.

    Here's a grade caused by moving the side seam, the culprit is the two fixed curve points in the armhole:

    Add grading to the lower curve point, and things improve:

    Anyway, I think grading in CLO is working very well, this issue may really be that CLO gives you more freedom to confuse things.

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