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FV2 Avatar Texture Issue 6.2.468


  • CLO Designers

    Hi isabelcrosby2. We are unable to recreate this bug on our end. 

    May I ask how you are changing the Avatar Texture? I have two examples of how it can be done below

    -Do you Go into the Avatar Library > Texture > Choose the Texture/Skin you want and drag/drop into the Avatars Property Editors?

    -Do you to the Avatars Property Editor > Body Styling > Style Configurator. Then choose node or covered?

    We hope this helps!

  • isabelcrosby2

    Ah ok. I have always dragged and dropped the texture onto the texture image. I must have missed this update! Turns out my avatar doesn't have the option for Body Styling, I assume because I made it in an older version of CLO?

    So I brought in the default avatar and applied my measurements to it. The texture images don't work when you drag and drop anymore
    But it works when using the body styling options. Thanks!
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