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Clo3D too slow to do anything on Mac


  • pabloquintana

    lukrecija,  I have been a CLO user and a Power User several years now. I am going to say what you probably won't want to hear: use Windows on a PC with 12 real cores, get a modern RTX GPU, a fast M.2 disk and some 32 GB of RAM. You will be amazed, and for us virtualization professionals, for me and my business I won't look back. The snappiness is satisfyingly good.

    Yes, I like macOS for many things, like music production, code development and things where mac is better than a PC. For CLO that is not the case. I use my MacBook Pro only when traveling and I definitely suffer. It is too slow to be at a professional grade.

    You can search this forum and people always complain about the speed on a mac. Don't try to force your way on that path, you will only waste time.

    I hope this can help you make the right decision,


  • apereira

    Hey lukrecija,

    Are you using the new Open Beta version (7.0)? It supports M1 chip.
    Have you identified if it was a CPU or GPU issue? You can check your Activity Monitor app.
    I'm using 100k faces avatars (10Mb OBJ files) without issues. To be honest my Mac now is getting a bit hotter with the 7.0 but it's soooo much faster (like with 3D pen)!
    Rendering will always be slow on a computer without a dedicated GPU, I'm not sure about your MBP model but mine has no dedicated GPU so every rendering is slow (even in Blender or Maya).

    Hope this helps.


  • bensk

    Something I've noticed is that if you go into the Simulation Property and change the Number of CPU in Use from the default (12 in my case) to something  like 1, performance improves hugely. I'm using M1 Mac Studio Ultra.

  • hameson120

    bensk would u mind tell me how is the performance on real-time simulation on studio ultra? cuz i would like to buy one if it is work well

  • bensk

    hameson120 Generally I'm finding the performance to be pretty good on the Mac Studio Ultra – I was using an iMac 2020 previously. One thing I'm really liking about the Studio is that it remains silent whilst simulating. Whilst not detrimental to workflow, I did find the fan noise on the iMac quite annoying when they would kick-in every time you sim your cloth. Something I've noticed whilst using the Clo 7 Beta is that UI and viewport responsiveness has improved. This has been a major concern for me in previous versions – mostly with Marvelous Designer, but also to a slightly lesser degree in Clo. Viewport and UI performance now seems very fluid and responsive on the Mac Studio, but that will probably also extend to the entire Mac platform in general. As mentioned previously, I have noticed simulation improvements by decreasing the amount of CPUs used for simulation. I'm not sure what the rule is here, but it seems to me that for low resolution garment construction, less CPUs seem to function better, but possibly as you increase your cloth resolution (by decreasing the particle distance), more CPUs give better performance. These are just my observations with no solid data to back them up.

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