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Material/garment I have deleted is still appearing in UV editor.


  • Official comment
    US Designer Support

    parsonprof It has come to our attention that not all users of this account are the account's OWNERS. If you are a student, you they should post with accounts attached to their emails, not a Professor account, as we can only email their Professors/Instructors directly. Students should contact their instructors for help or visit our Discord channel.

    I am now unsure who I am communicating with. If it is a Parsons Professor, you should have my direct email or be able to obtain it from a colleague at the school.

    All the Best,

    Jim Simon, Academic Lead, the Americas
    Specialist 3D Design & Implementation

  • bayou

    Any CLO3D staff able to help with this?

    I still cant work it out..

  • CLO Designers

    Hi bayou. We are aware of this and are currently working on the solution. Thank you!

  • bayou


    This is great to know. I have a couple projects I have sitting around that need to be fixed.

    Thank you!

  • parsonprof

    HI, CLO


    Any updates on this getting fixed? I have trims and materials that are not in the 2d or 3d window and are showing up in the UV editor. 


    Thank you!

  • US Designer Support

    Hi parsonprof .

    Have you checked your Scene Tree Tab? Farthest left tab in the Object Browser. Are they there?

    We would also recommend reaching out directly to your CLO representative as a CLO Enterprise user for further assistance


  • parsonprof

    Thanks! The scene tree was helpful for the trims. However, 1 pattern is still missing. No worries though. 

    I'm curious, I've always contacted the forum directly. I have written to my Coordinator at Parsons to see who this contact is and to explore why my enterprise account now has a trial ending message.
    It seems after your comments, my subscription says it's going to expire? Do you happen to know what this means or why this happened? Beyond the Enterprise contact. If you can offer any further assistance on why this trail message is happening that will be great. 
  • jimsimon

    parsonprof Julian, you can always email me with any questions you might have. Just came out of a meeting about your licenses.

  • parsonprof

    Hi, Jim

    That's great! The team at Parsons just updated me too. I do not have your direct email. Your messages are coming from a no reply address. Kindly send your direct email to my new school professional email. Thanks again Jim! 

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