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Trace Tool: Pattern outlines and/or holes are intersecting (or too close together).


  • pabloquintana

    Hi vketteniss. I would approach this from two angles: 1. Remove the construction lines after you get the outline shape you are going to extract. You don't need them anymore and they are cluttering your pattern. Yes, try to join the points which makes out the outline. That way you don't miss anything that might seem close enough but it isn't. 2. If previous is not possible Scale the pattern by 2 or more. This way the points won't be as close as they are now, you can extract and scale down by the same factor.



  • vketteniss

    Hey Pablo!

    Thanks so much for your quick response. Loving the hack of upscaling the pattern; I did 500% for good measure and it worked like a treat. :)

    Your first suggestion was also super-helpful, and inspired a slight variation:

    • I did all the construction work first, making sure I had a point for each corner and curve point.
    • I postponed drawing the actual pattern shape to the very last, which at that point was just drawing by numbers (plus a bit of curvature smoothing).
    • This allowed me to close the pattern as a continuous outline — which also mean that I could use the Transform Tool to select and trace with just one click.


    Thanks again


  • ariannagobbi

    Hi, I'm sorry to jump into the conversation; but right now is almost 3 years that I'm using clo and I'm facing the same issue, and it never happened in the previous releases.
    I usually create the graphic of the paper pattern with the baselines and internal lines. In the picture below there is a dress that I created almost 2 years ago, I created the graphic and I traced it out easily. Right now I can't do it anymore, and that is a big problem for the pattern creation because in this way the process lowered down and it is a problem for the pattern-making creation. 
    the creation of a complicated paper pattern is made by the creation of  lines step by step, and now what we have to do is trace the pattern again once we have the measurement, and that is less techicall and riscky for the mesurments that could give  possible imperfections.
    I really would like a solution for this problem that can save time and give me the same result, and maybe for the next programme realise, I hope that the problem could be fixed, because if the program is still like that will be  less technical than before and less useful.




  • CLO Designers

    Hi ariannagobbi

    It looks like you may have a few segment points that are too close together/overlapping. A good way to check this is to increase the overall scale by a few 100% so everything is larger. You can then see what might be causing the problem and adjust. Also, removing any internal lines which are no longer needed, or converting them to base lines so they do not get in the way

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