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Curly/lettuce edges - Sharp edges


  • pabloquintana

    First. I would say from the first image that you are not using a particle low enough to accommodate for the geometry that is needed for small curves. Try lowering the particle distance to 5 mm and test.

    I managed to get this look by cutting and sewing a very small strip of 5 mm on the edge, then making the sewing line intensity to 0 so it does not seem sewn, and then going to the edge strip pattern piece weft and increase it to 130%. That way the edge will be bigger than the skirt and make it curve.


  • sunship

    Thank you for the feedback pabloquintana.

    I had used a particle distance at 5 mm. It is children's wear so I don't know if that is why it still looked to high.

    I have done as you suggested and cut the a small piece at the edges. I have used a particle distance at 1 mm for the small piece and 3 mm for the rest of the sleeve. I am already much happier with the result. Thank you!  

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