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3d length count all 2d lines


  • CLO Designers

    Hello Neeraj,

    sorry for the delayed answer. .GLB file format is for 3D objects or fabrics. If you want to save a garment, please use .ZPRJ or .ZPAC. If you select a pattern piece with Transform Pattern, it is will calculate 2D line length of all pattern edges. If you select some pattern edges or internal lines with Edit Pattern, it will show their 2D line lengths. 3D line length refers to the length of this line in the 3D window. Usually, fabrics get stretched under their weight, which makes the 3D line length longer than 2D line length.


    Kindest regards, CLO 

  • neeraj77

    how can we resolve this issue, please suugest.


    i am getting undesired result in clo i.e.3d length count all 2d lines when i am saving in .glb file 

    . my product size is 24in x 36 in. but it counts all lines. please solve this.

  • CLO Designers

    Hi neeraj77. Have you tried what the previous answer suggested? When you select an edge using the Transform Pattern tool and look to the property editor it will give you all of the total lengths combined. But if you instead you the Edit Pattern tool and select a single edge it will tell you the length of the selected edge.

    Please see below images for reference. The first uses the Transform tool and the second uses the Edit tool.

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