How can I advance the quality?

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Hello everyone.

I'm in a process of practicing using of CLO3D, and I wonder how could I improve the quality of jacket that I made. 

The picture above is the jacket that I made, and the under one is the reference. 

This jacket was inspired by the CLO's tutorial video. (You can see the video here :

My purpose is to achieve reality as shown in the referenced photo.

I guess it's a problem of fabric, but I'm not sure about the essential issue. 

Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance! 


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CLO Designers



I hope you are well. 

First, I'd like to say great work!

There are several things you can do to improve the quality of renders. 


1. High-Resolution Garment: In this video, you will see how to change the particle distance of your garment and therefore the quality 

2. Render settings: In this video from around 6.30 on you will see how to create custom render settings.

3. Fabrics: In this video, we explain how to apply fabrics that will give the detail and visuals that you want. 

I have also attached a video that gives you an overall breakdown of what is mentioned above, alongside some other tips.


I hope this helps. 

Take care.


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