Application of Chargueurs interlinings on fabrics.

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I apologise for the awkwardness of what I am about to explain.

How do you apply the Chargueurs interlinings to the fabrics?

I thought that perhaps I could use the ironing tool to adhere the interlining to the fabric.

I found something about overlapping fabrics in the help centre, but it's not really specific to interlining pieces like front panels.

It is possible that it can only be applied as a sewing or joining tape. That's what is specified in the connect.clo-set files.

You may have to wait until an interlining can be applied in clo3D following the analogue process.

It is possible that it is the physics of the fabric that need to be configured to obtain the effect of an interlining fabric.

Many doubts as you can see.

All clarifications and help will be welcome.

Best regards.

Robert Rivers.

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Pablo Quintana

Robert, CLO deals with with the effect of strengthening the self fabrics by allowing you to use bonding on a certain piece or even on a part of a piece, like an internal shape or the edges.

Look for Seam Taping and Bond/Skive.


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