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Export GLB colorways


  • roseannscrivens

    It would be nice if CLO would jump in here. 

  • CLO Designers

    Dear Clo Friend,

    We checked that out on the current version (6.2.468) and it's working correctly.

    Would you be able to update to the latest version?


  • worldrebels

    CLO Designers After I export my glTF file with colorways, How Could i import into program such as blender and have the different colorways visible or in a way to allow me to select through the different colors? 

  • CLO Designers

    Hi worldrebels

    Are you currently using the most recent update to 7.1? Now when exporting glTF files you can select colorways multiple files,. And each colorway will have its own file. We hope this helps!

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