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graphic displayed on both sides when visualising in other software


  • pabloquintana

    My guess is that, when you use the "Same Material as Front" option, then the UV is simply copied to the back. That includes the graphic when exporting the UV maps.

    Try using the "Same Material as Front" option off, even if you use the same texture (without the graphic). This should generate a different UV map for the back surface.

  • mizhouis

    Dear Pablo, 

      Thank you for your message, I have tried that option but it still doesn't work. I wonder if its a problem with .PNG or just a normal bug 😭

  • worldrebels

    I am having the same issue now! When I import my garment into blender, my logo appears through. Even changing Zoffset in clo before exporting does the same. Did you ever figure out a solution mizhouis ?

  • arcusag

    I am also experiencing the same problem when exporting .GLB. Any fixes, Fabric is same as front has been turned off and UV looks correct but the backface of model is still rendering as the inverse of the exterior of the file

  • US Designer Support

    Hi arcusag

    Currently having both a Exterior and Interior export is not possible. This has been requested previously and sent as a request to our team though.

    You currently would instead need to export out a separate UV for the Interior

  • arcusag

    Hello US Designer Support

    So I found a good workaround that helped me by lining the interior of the model with a lower polygon mesh of the same pattern piece used as the exterior, I flipped the normals and made an interior version of my textile and stitching (texture only stitching, the obj function just makes files that are way to large to be efficient), making all seams joining the exterior and interior turned with 0 seam thickness volume, and a 0.00 collision distance and then exporting a thick .GLB file. It increased my file size but we where still manageable the visual effect on the viewer im using for my website is pretty good. I did have to do a but of tweaking of the mesh of the 2 overlapping layers with the select mesh tools. but the end result was clean enough for me not to have to do more work in blender.

  • hansae

    Hi US Designer Support

    I wonder as we have similar issue. we had been baked the texture front and back differently but once its exported as GLB the face and back side turn to be same. 

    3D window has been looking fine, only when its exported with UV editor tick on within GLB Export setting. 

    can you advise what we have to do ? Thanks ~

  • US Designer Support

    Hi hansae

    You would likely need to combine the Front and Back UVs onto the 3D model separately in another software

    But as an Enterprise Client we recommend reaching out to your CLO representative for direct support with this

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