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iMac or High End Windows Desktop


  • CLO Designers

    Hi derkai,

    thank you so much for reaching out to us. What a super nice idea to surprise your son. 

    To help you with your decision, please find the latest CLO System Requirements (June 2021) HERE

    On this page, you will find recommendations for Windows and Mac. The page gets updated regulary by our CLO Tech Support, so it contains all important facts.

    Generally CLO utilizes Nvidia CUDA acceleration technology for CLO GPU-Simulation and Rendering. So computers with only Intel Graphics or AMD GPU do not benefit from hardware acceleration that speeds up CLO simulation and rendering. In a non-Nvidia GPU equipped computer, calculations necessary for CLO simulation and rendering are performed on the CPU, and the visual quality of these results is the same. Regarding Mac, all Macs do not have Nvidia graphics cards, so mac users cannot get the GPU-accelerated effects supported by CLO software, but simulation and rendering are supported normally. Overall a Nvidia GPU equipped computer will guarantee the smoothest workflow. 

    To your second question, desktop or notebook it might help to not only consider the performance of the hardware but also the daily working routine of your son. If his future career requires travelling and flexibility in terms of location, a notebook will most likely be the more practical choice. 

    Desktop computers also come with advantages especially when it comes to performance, but are not as easy to move with when travelling for work. 

    In both cases I am sure you will find a suitable solution by following the recommendations of our CLO Tech support team. 

    Let me know if there are any further questions.

    Best regards

  • fredrikpetrusson


    I agree to buy a pc! 

    Today I have a Imac late 2019 with intel i9 with Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB card.  but unfortunately Macs grafic cards its unsupported.

    So Im on my way to buy a Pc instead. 

    I find it slow to work in Clo even in simulation mode. 

    Maby it helps your take the choice. =) 

    Best regards



  • derkai

    Thanks for your feedback ... I tried to convince him using a PC, because your points makes absolutely sense!
    Unfortunately he wants to have the iMac with the new M1 chip and I was not able to convince him.
    So it will happen .. 

    I will update my post here soon to tell you his experiences.:)

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