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  • forgetmenotpatterns

    I believe you have to click on it with the Seam allowance tool in use.

  • CLO Designers

    Hello there!, In your case you are actually not working with seam allowance, the yellow line that you are seeing is in fact the pattern outline. So in your case you would need to use those baselines that you have (the blue dotted line inside the pattern) and using the Trace tool (I) select it, right click over one of the selected lines, and convert to pattern for example. So like this you can get the fake seam allowance out. Let us know if you have any other questions. Cheers!

  • vitav

    this is what i got following direction above. Where do i go from here? Is there a video to watch? 

  • ii7745

    I having the same issue. My imported dfx pattern are included the seam allowance and recognize as outline, which I have no idea how to "reverse" it into "seam allowance"? is there any quicker way than trace and redo seam allowance? thanks in advance!

  • CLO Designers

    Hi ii7745,

    After importing the pattern, you can use Trace (shortcut: I) to select the sewing line part (baseline in purple color) > right click > cut the pattern out > remove the seam allowance part 




    Here is another recommendation. When importing the pattern (dxf), you can turn on "Swap cutting line and Sewing Line" & "Include Notches". So the seam allowance will be gone during working in CLO.

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