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Registered shoes have suddenly received a strange dark texture. How can they get normal again?


  • pinarer

    hi Angelina recently I had a similar texture issue, the way that I solved is , while I was processing the maps I changed the upper part and heel ( bottom) map into jpg, probably you can also use png however it should be saved without transparency but  I preferred to go with  jpg. so both would work. 

  • CLO Designers

    Hi Pinar and Angelina,

    Pinar is correct, when using png files the image will show the transparency in the 3D window, the problem should be resolved once you change the file to jpg. The same issue will occur when applying png to garments as well. Hope this helps!

  • ottoline

    You can use lossless color formats .png for CG clothing in models, but you need to save them as .png RGB and not .png RGBA in some instances.

    If you are not using the alpha channel in an image eg: .tif, .psd, exr , jpeg 2000, .png then don't save it out. Simple fix for all .png images where you only want RGB.


    Note: If your image from another image editing system is higher than 8 bit you may get issues when you shift that texture image to another CG application. eg: images higher than 8 bit to blender will be converted into a float on loading into Blender.  And vice versa which can be an issue between software systems dependent on what you are doing. Also ensure that when you setup your materials in blender prior to export that in the shader graph node for the PBR on the transparency elements you assign the correct values, not all exports from blender shader materials will be compatible with your next system unless you set this up correctly. For example any shader node graph in blender that uses an inverted  value for a grey scale or black&white texture effect map may not export that value correctly in FBX or .obj data exchange for you next material shader workflow unless compatible shader systems default choices are made. This means any material ordering on a models mesh may not be adhered to (as you may expect) on import to other systems eg: CLO3D for models/props such that you need to re-assign materials before placing or saving into the CLO3D library. So a human check of these shader types and material values and polymesh surface integrity may have to be done. In addition if taking models into blender from another modelling source check the normals, as in some instances (for example shoe models from DAZ) can be flipped on import (greyed out with normals facing inwards) and you may need to check that using the blender normals view and rectify (flip normal faces)  before passing onto the next application > eg: CLO3D. 

  • oganesya

    Hi guys,

    I think I solved it with your help.
    It was a bit tricky because I am not a pro in such programs.
    I also found a video from Pinar Eris on youtube where she shows how to solve it in 4D Cinema.
    I work with Blender and tried to find the same properties shown in the video.
    The diffuse png files were saved as jpg, which I (hopefully) pasted into the appropriate nodes in Blender.

    But at least it looks like everything is fine again after I register them.

    Ottoline: I'm not sure if I looked in the right place regarding the RGB mode. In the second image attached some similar information was shown, but i didnt know what i should choose beside sRGB.

    The rest of the registered shoes in the library still have the problem, naturally.
    Would the only solution be to edit them individually in Blender and register them again one by one?


    Thank you so much all for your support and I do look forward reading more from you guys should you have any further thoughts on this.

    Kind regards

  • pinarer

    oganesya Angeline for the ones already you registered, try to change the maps to jpb in photoshop , that might solve the issue.. if not probably you need to go through again, but I feel like just to change maps to jpg or save png without transparency in photoshop  and add again in CLO should solve it. 

  • oganesya

    It works! Thank you!

  • pinarer

    oganesya great! : )

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