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New Apple M1 Mac compatibility


  • trushki

    i would like to know it too. I need a new Laptop and i would like to buy the new apple M1 Laptop. Has nobody experience with it?

  • adva

    Same here. Any chance we get visibility into compatibility with Rosetta2 or when/if Clod3D is going to go native on apple silicon?

  • CLO Designers

    Hi dk12bh trushki adva

    Please see HERE. M1 chips are still being tested with CLO and may have some compatibility issues, but we are currently working on this

  • akakanksha

    Hey CLO Designers i am unable to see the hyperlink you placed in the comment


  • lisaaaliz

    Hi CLO Designers, the hyperlink is not working. I'm also wondering if the M1 chip is compatible for Clo as I'm considering on getting an iMac.


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