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Print Layout - export to PDF


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    CLO Designers

    Hello everyone, 

    Thanks for reaching out.

    It is possible to save your Print Layout as a pdf file with 1:1 scale on CLO. 

    In Print Layout mode, click the "snapshot" option and tick all the information you want to export, click Save. 

    Then decide the format while you decide the file name.


  • vadsura


    Mee too need a PDF export with graphics & texture

  • CLO Designers

    Hello! Thank you both for your question. As of right now, you cannot export the the snapshot image as a PDF. The workaround at the moment would be to arrange your 2D window nicely and export that as a PDF.

  • vadsura

    Thank you, we know this is not possible. But this is necessary for color plotters. Think of it as a wish. Thanks.

  • bagbuff


  • mashavaryformdesign

    Yes, I agree, it should definitely be an option in the future to export the marker as a PDF (not just the pattern itself because that wouldn't be the best use of paper and would require an extra step of editing the marker in Illustrator to get it to fit nicely). And saving the png at least should be the actual size. If it says 36" wide format in the print layout save presets it should not be 36.2" wide because that is not accurate.

    The 1:1 and custom and even wide format options are finicky, and most print shops at least in the US want a PDF, right? Fingers crossed that this will be an option in the future. 

    Side note -

    For anyone that exported the pattern as a pdf in order to open it in illustrator, the patterns will be to scale in Illustrator, but you will still have to set the width of your artboard to be the width of the fabric (36" in my case), remove clipping masks on all the pieces, group the elements of each pattern piece (notches, outlines, etc.), arrange them as you wish, set the height of the artboard so there isn't a lot of white space at the end of the marker and then Save As a new pdf.  So I have something workable for now to print at Staples or FedEx at least.




  • hilde

    I have spent many hours trying to make a print-ready PDF directly from Clo without sucsess. That option is what i really want for christmas this year. Pleeeaaase:-D

  • jenniferrule

    Has there been any update to the program to allow you to save the print layout (Marker to scale) & print direct to a large file format printer? It's an important part of the process in the fashion industry, what is your suggestion? If you export/import into illustrator you have the layout in the 2D window, not your marker layout so you have to start again?

  • rimab

    Can someone please tell me how to print the marker in a pdf version for a small scale. When I save the snapshot it only saves half of the marking


  • US Designer Support

    Hi rimab

    You may find this video from our youtube helpful - HERE

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