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Can you extract the CLO avatar rig? Or replace the mesh but keeping the rig?


  • CLO Designers

    Hello sora113,

    It is possible to re-rig an avatar with the CLO rig using the avatar converter. This is a new feature with version 6.0. The webinar covers the different options that you can use to bring in and rig a new avatar so you can use the default motions and poses. Please find it here!

  • sora113

    Hey thank you for the comment and it did answer my question but now more question comes about after trying out that feature. 

    I tried on multiple avatar even on multiple CLO avatar to use that system and it works the animation library and poses works but it isn't clean. I notice allot of random artifacts meshes especially on the armpits and fingers causing the avatar to be unusable for real production. I was wondering if they are ways to get the rig out of the CLO avatar so I may apply it on my own avatar and bring it back into CLO?

  • eliide0110

    sora113 did you find a solution? It is three years after your first post and I'm still experiencing the same problems as you are (were?), it is indeed not possible to use clo for real production with problems like this.

    It is possible to export the avatar with rig as an fbx and export to blender for example, and remove the avatar and replace it with our character. BUT once a clo avatar has been exported, even if you import it again, unchanged, CLO will not recognize its own avatar and will state "no matching avatar" when you try to apply the CLO poses to it. 

    CLO , how can we export your avatar with rig, and import it again, and use the clo poses and animations? Since your "convert to avatar" function dosn't work for any hands except CLOs own, i want to export my avatar to blender, fix the vertex groups to enable the bones to be connected to the right part of the hand-mesh (se image of the very faulty vertex group your autorig created for one specifik finger joint-bone) and then reimport it back into clo.

  • US Designer Support

    The Rig is for CLO specific avatars and is proprietary to CLO. So you can import an FBX avatar from outside of CLO and then register the avatar to have a CLO rig. The poses will also only work with avatars that have a CLO rig. If you change the rig the CLO poses will NOT work as it will no longer match


    You can find information about rigging an avatar HERE.


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