Polygon double-click to end line

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Hello, I have noticed some others had this same problem. I have done everything recommended to fix it to no avail.  I tried contacting Clo3d via email but getting "server error". Hopefully someone can help soon as I have a huge project to finish.


When I am drafting a pattern in 2D using the Polygon option, I CANNOT END A LINE WITH THE DOUBLE CLICK!!!!! I changed my mouse speed, options, etc. and nothing is working!


Please help, thanks!

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CLO Designers

Hi missjay2. We are happy to help. When using the Polygon tool to create a pattern piece you do not need to double click to end. But you do need to "close" the shape. The best way to finish a pattern piece is to click where you started to complete a closed shape.  Please let us know if this helps or if you have any further questions

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