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Handbag tutorial


  • pabloquintana

    Wilma, welcome to CLO. Just for your reference bags, and even very complex luggage or handbags can be made in CLO. It is not definitely the easiest task. I work with bags on a regular basis. First, you should use a stiff fabric. For that check the link below.

    Don't despair, and try to make the basic structure of the fabric first and start adding to it. I work with gravity at its normal level, but there are people that go to the Simulation Properties and set the gravity amount to zero, so things will not fall to the floor. It is a matter of preference.

    When you get specific questions there are a few people here that can assist, but the best way is for you to understand the inner workings of CLO by using it.

  • wilma

    Hi Pablo, thank you so much for answering, I'm new to the community so I'm still figuring out everything, I'll do that and see how it works with a bit of trial and error.


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