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Loading my avatar


  • pabloquintana

    Nikkme, I believe you can't bring any avatar and have CLO use the measurement tables to adjust size. That is very CLO. You can bring an avatar and measure the avatar, but not adjust its size with the avatar tools.

    As for the Zbrush workflow, you should search for Marvelous Designer to Zbrush workflow and you'll find tons of info out there. Majority of it will be applicable to CLO, minus a few things.

  • hanachiang

    I have an additional question about this topic. 
    I have seen a tutorial video about rigging a custom avatar and making poses in CLO3D. Here is the link:

    Based on what you mentioned above, if I follow the video to create a custom avatar with the imported object file, I will have problems changing the avatar size. Is that correct?

    Having my garment fit on an avatar with correct measurements is very important in my workflow. What do you suggest if I want to create an adjustable custom avatar like this?

    Thank you!

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