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Rotate from a precise point


  • axelleb

    Okay I found it from a tutorial on Youtube? For those after me who might ask, we just have to double-click on the pivot point then we can move the pivot point wherever we want and rotate from the new pivot point.

  • Bikini Design Club

    Where did you find the video, can you share the link please?


  • madeapparelservices

    Oh! I figured it out.

    Using the Transform Pattern Tool, select the piece. This establishes the bounding box with a center point.  If you hover over the center point it will instruct to "double click to activate pivot".  When activated all bounding box points will turn orange.

    Then DRAG that center point to anywhere on the pattern piece or pattern perimeter and let go, then select the handle of the bounding box and the piece will rotate from the point you dragged.

    Warning, if you click off the pattern piece, you'll have to start over with double clicking the center point to reactive the "drag to pivot" option.

    Prior post: This isn't a true statement. Solution still needed, or as Bikini Design Club asked please provide a link to the video.

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