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  • CLO Designers

    Hi there! 

    Thank you for submitting your question on the forum. If you have not already, you can refer to these videos on our YouTube channel showing you the workflow to put a mask on an avatar.

    Hope this helps! In the future, be sure to direct all your questions to the Q&A Section of the Forum for faster response. 

  • marktnbp

    Hello there. I am suffering from the same issue. The videos above already have most of the positioning already done so unfortunately they aren't very helpful. After a whole day of trial and error I've managed to get the mask on the face but the straps still just look pulled around the ears and are twisting and conflicting with themselves. Please can you give any more information on this. Thanks

  • CLO Designers

    Hi marktnbp. Here are a few suggestions and things to check that may help since the straps are such small pieces

    -Make sure particle distance of the straps is 5 or less

    -Change mesh shape from Triangle to quad.

    -Strengthen the strap pieces

    -Instead of folding and sewing the strap together turn on Double Sided on the pattern piece. Which will simulate two layers without collision becoming an issue

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