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  • pabloquintana

    Not sure why you want to stay stitch the waistband because if correctly sewn (turned) at the bottom seamline, and the folding line close to zero degrees (maybe 5 to 10) the waistband will not slide like in real life. If you insist and want to stay stitch it, could create an internal line close to the folding line and then make it invisible if needed.

  • krant

    oh ok, thank you. I think I was struggling wrap my head around the concept of a "turned" sewing line....also how you can defined the angle. I didn't realize there was a fold assist tool in the 3D window. I'm thinking about this almost too much like sewing in real life.

    Sewing and the turned setting is like this strange blend of ironing, under-stitching and folding.Mentally, I've figured out that sewing lines in CLO have no distinguishable difference. They are all the same.See when I think of sewing in real life, I think of it in terms of "am I constructing a seam?" or "am I stitching something to hold something in place momentarily?" 

    Anyway, major mental breakthrough, Cheers!



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