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Export pattern to PDF with grading


  • daisygal168

    hello- I was also looking for an answer to this question- does anyone have any tips?


  • ayla

    Hai Daisy,


    So I do this as following now:

    Export the pattern as DXF, you can open a DXF with Illustrator. You will see all your grading and added information. It is a bit of a puzzel which layer you should work in and which parts you'll need. 

    Good luck

  • daisygal168

    oh wow thanks! 

    is there a way to not export the sewing lines- so I just have the outer cut line only?

    I'm just learning this whole process- so thanks for your help.

  • ayla

    I have no clue :-)


  • mafgreene

    Admin can you answer this?


  • carmelbyd3sign

    Is there an answer for this?

  • ballerystudio

    Admin Can you please provide a guide on how to achieve this? It is a really common step when creating sewing patterns and should receive a high priority in my opinion.

  • US Designer Support

    Hi ballerystudio

    If you are looking to export a Nested pattern this currently cannot be done in CLO. But is a feature we hope to add in the future. If you wanted to do something like this you would need to set up everything in Print Layout Mode, Export as a PDF, then open in a vector program like Ai and arrange manually

    But if you do no need it nested you can look at these videos HERE and HERE that show how exporting a pattern can be achieved. 

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