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    CLO Designers

    Hi davidlv Please see below attached screen shot. I have circles in red where the two buttons are located to un pin them so you cam move them to any position on your screens.


  • vadsura

    The tool panel is tied to its window and cannot be detached. You can detach the Object browser and the property panel and render to a second monitor.

  • franclin

    Thanks Vlad, because of your post I found this icon in the top corner of the 3D garment window and pattern window. This allowed me to move them to the second screen. Unfortunately when I use the hot keys to toggle between them; they jump back…underneath the main window area. I don't think Clo anticipated us using two screens. It's buggy. 


    At least I can move the pattern window to the second screen and leave the 3D garment in the main screen with all of the other pallets. 

  • davidlv

    vadsura Can you explain how to detach object browser and property panel and move to the second monitor? What franclin mentioned about the detach pattern window I did find. But nothing shows that you can do the same with the object browser. Thanks for your help!

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