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Rigid Fabrics


  • Amal Jomaa

    Hello mdinoulis,


    To get a rigid fabric in Clo you can use few different options. You can use the strengthen/solidify tool, bonding or try and adjust the physical properties of the fabric. You can also use the freeze option in some cases to create an "under structure" that holds the shape. Let me know if you would like me to demonstrate some of those with visuals and it will be helpful to know what kind of shape you are trying to achieve.


    Amal Jomaa



  • danielemanassero

    Hi mdinoulis

    Create a fabric with the below setup.
    I use it to create boxes as you can see in the other image.
    It seams to work better with a low mesh resolution. It is also important to set correctly the seamline fold angle, being a very rigid material few degrees can improve the quality result.


  • dianew

    Hi danielemanassero,

    I tried your settings and it's better, but my fabric isn't totally rigid yet. Were you using a specific type of fabric? Or other specific settings?

    Thank you for your help in advance!

  • danielemanassero

    hi dianew I use the setting showed in the picture mostly for creating boxes or things like that.
    When I have to make really rigid objects I tend to use Blender.


  • maggieb


    This really works great! Thanks so much! I have been trying to get a rigid box for my backpacks for the past days and nothing really seemed to work.


    It does becomes really rigid when you make the fabric thickness 2 mm and change all seams into turned seams.


  • pabloquintana

    Mdinoulis, you can try using positive or negative pressure to maintain your backpack inflated.

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