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SBSAR files not working


  • falmouth

    Hi Maggie,

    They are not supported on a Mac. 


  • maggiemattioni

    Hi Adam, It is not working on windows either so looks like there is some sort of problem.

    I was hoping Clo would sort it out. 

    Were you able to save in another format to use on Clo?

  • falmouth

    I think when it was working in the beta Windows version, there was limited control and only low-ish resolution so fingers crossed, the developers are working on making it more useful before rolling it out properly. 

    The only way I know how to bring it into Clo is to export the image files from Substance but use an external program to render if you wanted more control over the material. 

  • maggiemattioni

    Thanks Adam, fingers crossed they get a solution soon.

  • superuser

    I have the same question

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