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how to export / print graded patterns ?


  • daisygal168

    hello- I was also looking for a response to this question- can anyone help?


  • rosewilley

    Hello, everyone I did the same thing. However, after a bunch of tests, it seems that exporting each size one-by-one as a PDF file, then aligning them in Adobe Illustrator is the best option for now! If you know a better option, please do share, love it🌺👍

    Patterns in Adobe Illustrator below:

  • princesscleo

    Realizing this is a rather old thread. The only way I found to make the export of a graded (nested) pattern (with no seam allowances) actually work is to export as DXF-AAMA and open the file in Optitex. This is the only accurate method I have found that ensures your grading is accurate. Hope this helps!

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