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  • danielemanassero

    Very cool!

    I'm just trying to create my first boot in Clo itself.
    Which software did you use instead?


  • ap3288

    Thanks Daniele, I'm first use a 3d software call Modo to build the shoe base, then use CLO to build the long boot body, and combine 2 part together in Modo, then import into CLO as shoes! 

  • light0green

    HI nice job!

    did you only make the base as ZACS file or together with the long body part?

    thanks for sharing!


  • Amal Jomaa

    Hello all,


    I also made a pair of over the knee boots. I made mine entirely in Clo.


    Amal Jomaa

  • drudgls

    Hi Amal, your boots look amazing!!! Do you have like tutorial on how you accomplished this entirely in CLO? Did you use the existing heels in CLO3D and just built it on from that? If so how if you don't mind sharing (:

  • Amal Jomaa

    Hi drudgls,


    Thank you! I don't mind sharing, I build the heels from scratch entirely in Clo. The method is the same as building a garment, you just need to construct all the patterns for the different parts and attach them together.  

  • heliostorm


    How do you get the heel or sole to keep its shape though? If I try to build a stiletto like yours it just does this no matter how stiff I make it in the physical properties: 


    I'm also curious how you shape the sole. I haven't been able to find any guides or tutorials on how to do heels in Clo. 

  • Amal Jomaa

    Hi heliostorm ,


    You have to consider that the heel is made up of several different parts, from what I see from your photo you have attempted to do it with a single pattern piece? Once you build the sole you can attach the heels alongside the curve on the back. Hope that helps! 

  • ap3288

    Alternatively you can actually buy my first creation of this boot and save time focus on more important things!

    Check it out here : 

  • b2558

    Hi Amal, do you mind sharing the physical properties used for the soles and heels fabric? I am building different type of the shoe, but I just can't set up the fabric properties in order to make them completely rigid and keep in place? 

    Thank you so much


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