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Edit Dart is not an option when right clicking on a dart


  • penniee

    Firstly, try clicking on Internal Polygon tool (G), right click the dart, do you see the 'edit dart' option now? 

    If that doesn't work.. Question is did you manually create the dart, or did you use the dart tool (internal polygon tool) to create it? If you manually created it, this may be your problem. I suggest using the Internal Polygon tool to create your dart. Hover and hold the interla polygon button, and you will see a 'Dart' option. Good luck!


  • Annika Andersson

    Hello Penniee,

    The 'rotate dart' option is not available regardless which tool I select with when right clicking. The dart was created using the 'Add Dart' option when right clicking on a point. I did not create the dart manually.

    However, I wanted to let you know that the 'rotate dart' function was working fine before the latest update. I have just downloaded the previous version: and the 'rotate dart' function is working on this version. Maybe have a look at the latest version as there seam to be a glitch (I'm using a mac). I'm currently teaching CLO, so it would be good if these functions are working on the latest version.

    Thanks for your help.


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