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CLO moving slow after decreasing particle distance?


  • pabloquintana

    Kartiayla, this is normal behavior. You should bring down the particle distance once you have most of the basic assembly done. If you use Windows and you have a GPU card, you should use Fast (GPU) Simulation at the beginning for quicker assembly. As you progress, lower the particle distance (5 mm should be enough for larger pieces like sleeves, fronts, back, and maybe less then 5mm for very small pieces like neck tape, etc.). You shouldn't get to 2 mm for the whole garment, and if you are doing that, then you should do it once your model is completely assembled and you only want finer draping.

    You can perfectly reverse it from 2 mm to whatever value. It will take some time and it might even crash, so you can start increasing the particle distance piece by piece.


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