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Hello everyone!

I was tryng to figure out how to do shoes in clo, since there are no arrangement point on the feet?

Could someone point me to a tutorial or a process to have at least a clue?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Mattia, I did some shoes in Clo.
The be clear Clo is not th best tool to make shoes, but they can be done.

You have to create a rectangle big enough to draw an internal line on it that follow the lateral inclination of the avatar's foot. To do that place the rectangle vertically aside the foot.
copy it and place the two at the side of one foot, one for each side,freeze.

Place another rectangle under the feet and start to draw the sole shape. The side of this rectangle must be as long as the internal line drew in the first.and wide enough to contain the sole's shape you need. When done simulate. this will be the base of your shoes. Cut and sew the sole's internal line.

You can also duplicate this rectangle before exctrating the sole and keep it flat under the foot right on the floor and draw in it the heel starting point position.

I don't have images to share in this computer right now. Stay tuned I will add some in this post in the next days. If you want to see some today, look at my Instagram: justme3d

Maybe in future I'll do a tutorial for this.



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