circumference garment measure tool not available in trial version?

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I am hunting for the circumference garment measure tool to follow a tutorial, but I don't have that tool anywhere in my 3D toolbar. Is it not available in the trial version of clo?


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Hi kartiayla, the trial version is totally equal to the official version.
Look at this:

I recommend you to have a look at the wonderful course Clo has just realized on his YouTube channel

Below the link at the first lesson

I'm an expert user but I watched it all because is always good to have a refresh even of the basic tool and I find always something I missed out.


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I had i similar problem in the 2D window, till i found the missing tools in a sub folder. if i click on the "edit pattern" tool  a menu pups up with all the missing tools.

is there a way to see all the tools in the tool bar?



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