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How to export Tech packs with points of measure in inch, not mm


  • thomasg

    Is it possible to be able to export 2D pattern with point of measure and also indicate the POM number next to the lines?

  • pg248

    how can we export the POM for all sizes into the tech pack. currently it is exporting 1 size in MM and not inches eventhough the file is setup in inches

  • ottoline

    What version of CLO3D are you using and on what system?

    When you export use the POM tab > 'save' the measurement table and make sure you have opened you project up as a inch based project if you switched from mm to inch. This means restarting the software after you change your user settings from mm to inches and starting the project 'work session' in the software under inch measurement settings. Then when you save the measurement table out it should come in as inches to your spread sheet software.

    Testing the resultant measurement point file. PC/Win 10 latest beta version CLO3D 5.2

  • CLO Designers

    Hi pg246. You are able to change the unit of measures within POM in CLO, however when uploading that file to CLO-SET and export the tech pack it will be in mm. Thank you for your question 

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