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sharing / exporting virtual dummies/ silhouettes to a customer


  • ottoline

    You can export any avatar as a base mesh object surface file in formats like .fbx , .obj , .dae etc and the 3D file can be opened up by other viewing software. There are caveats with this as it is very dependent on what the end buyer is using the avatar surface reference for as there is limited functionality associated with exporting any avatar 3D model. Unlike using the avatar inside CLO3D where you have dimensions and tapes annotated on the avatar, when you export an avatar that additional dimensional data would not go with that avatar, and it would not be possible to view that information (tapes).


    If you simply want a 3D data file (3D model of your avatar size) that the buyer can view and rotate, you could simply export it as an object file (export > .obj format) and the buyer could open that up in windows using the default 3D object viewer. You could also export in many other formats that would give you similar surface models views, .fbx, .dae. where you also get the surface (skin) of the avatar and the boned rig. So again it is very dependent on what your buyer has in terms of software to view any avatar export you make from CLO3D.


    The alternative to this, is to use the inbuilt system that CLO3D has to exchange projects with other users and with customers. There is the cloud based closet for sharing garment projects. Then there is the separate online cloud based virtual fitting rooms called: which is an integrated solution for avatar to garment virtual sizing. So in summary CLO-SET is a cloud based client side shared garment project space for exchange of samples. And Benefitbyclo is a consumer/buyer online (cloud-based) server side space to create personalized avatar sizing relative to your graded set of virtual CO3D garments. 


    I would suggest checking out these two areas of technology that CLO3D produce as part of your research.


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