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Anyone see this before in a DXF pattern file?


  • pabloquintana

    The DXF format is not being correctly imported into CLO or is not being correctly exported from whatever CAD software they are making the patterns with.

    1. Try and solve the DXF issue first. Maybe use some other CAD software to check if the CAD are working fine. You can use to test something like QCAD ( or PAD System (

    2. If everything else fails, you can trace the purple lines (called baselines) using the Trace Tool (shortcut I) and selecting the lines you want to convert to a pattern. When you are done selecting a pattern you can right click and select Trace as a Pattern.


  • mcass13

    pabloquintana I just downloaded a trail of QCAD and the pattern looks OK, no rectangle pattern outline, although lots of ancillary markings. But when I imported it again, thru QCAD, was the same issue as before. Is this a CLO issue, or the pattern file issue?  THanks for the info on the Trace Tool. Will go that route for now.


    You are making my day with your help :)



  • jeffyee

    pabloquintana My pattern imported with the same issue and I was able to use the trace tool as you suggested to create a pattern piece from the baselines. Thank you so much for the tip!

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