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  • 73207501L

    A mi me pasa igual, lo has solucionado? yo estoy registrada en la web y estoy poniendo mi usuario y contraseña tal y como pide pero me dicen que no es válido

  • andreiasantiago

    Infelizmiente no porque claramiente ellos no contestan aqui... Intenté de todo. Es impossible. Puede que lo hagan quierendo para que pagues. No se... Siento que tambien te este passando...
    Si descubres la manera por favor cuentame la :):):)

  • dni07288600

    HI! I was really excited to try your software but when it requests ID and password I have tried everything and there is no way to make it work. Help?


  • nayab

    im trid to write everything to the ID but ifs not working pleass i need help


  • CLO Designers

    Hi nayab.

    For login assistance please reach out to us directly on our Contact US page HERE

    Please also note that it looks like you have already used the free 30 day trial. So in order to now access CLO you will need to subscribe to the Individual User Plan

  • albanaletiyahoocom

    id:, but pasword::



    the same for me it needs id and pasword

  • US Designer Support

    Hi albanaletiyahoocom

    Like mentioned above for login assistance you must reach out to us directly on our Contact Us page -


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