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How to rotate the pattern so its grain line to be straight up and down in 2D window?



  • Official comment
    CLO Designers

    Mai Cheetham We will add this to our list of as a feature requests. The priority of development is sorted by demand, and therefore unfortunately you cannot give a concrete answer yet.

  • danielemanassero

    Hi hanachiang, if the piece has been rotated 45° you can select it then right-click then from the pop-up menù choose: rotate, and the right option, in this case probably Clockwise 45°.

    Another way is to draw an internal line that matches the grainline position and always from the rotate menù choose Y-axis and select that line to be aligned with the Y-axis.
    Obviously you can use any line of the pattern to be aligned with the Y, X-axis. But in this case, no one seems good for this option.

    For sure Clo dev team have improve this. Grainline must control the rotation of the pieces and be used as a pivot point.


  • hanachiang

    Thank you. You are very helpful!

  • Mai Cheetham


    It is very important to realign pattern piece and realign grain line against Y,X-axis on 2D screen and a grainline should be copy and past to any pattern.

    How far to improve those functions by dev team? 



  • roseannscrivens

    This should be easier to do. I am new but this seems like it should be a prominent option in the rotate commands. I somewhat solved this issue by adding an internal line which I could use as a grainline. That way I have a reference point to ask them to rotate to. 

  • rbunf

    Hi. Any news on whether this feature has been fixed yet? 

    I'm so surprised that it is not possible to rotate a pattern piece to be positions so that it's grain is parallel with X or Y axis. It's a very important thing needed in pattern making.

    I am also stuck with many pattern pieces rotated and now i can't realign the pieces.

  • CLO Designers

    hanachiang If you select the Pattern Piece & Right Click, under the Rotate Option there are numerous options... look for X axis and Y axis. I would select X Axis and then the top of your sleeve. The piece will rotate to that Axis. This works best when there is one segment that is straight and was either parallel or perpendicular to the ground plane.

  • roseannscrivens

    rbunf I started preemptively adding an internal line so that I had something to ask it to align to. That helped. Not sure if there is a better way yet. 

  • rbunf

    hanachiang Thanks for your suggestion, it's really appreciated, but unfortunately the Rotate option doesn't help me this time. The problem is that I am unable to select the grain line as the reference line by which to rotate the piece to align with the X or Y axis.

    roseannscrivens Thanks that's a really great tip for next time.

  • jne4sl

    You can view the grain line while adding an internal line.  Draw a line along the grain line as best you can and then rotate using that.  Or for your specific pattern, the bottom of the outseam and inseam may be level, you could draw an internal line connecting those, then rotate such that that is parallel to X. 

  • mani5286

    the most easy way to rotate pattern piece in straight line....... on x axis or y axis in clo

    1-  step .... just like this i need to rotate this sleeve full straight on y axis or on x axis so just right click on piece with tool Transform Pattern (short key A)
    select down in option rotate .. sub option will appear... last 3 option x axis and y axis and parallel
    i chose y axis to get straight alignment of pattern piece


    2- move curser to which line or angle you want to be straight in x axis or y axis. will show preview of alignment of piece


    3- just click on your required axis of line to be rotate. then you will get piece in proper position

  • CLO Designers

    Hi there! You can try use the Transform Pattern tool > Right-click on the pattern > Rotate > select X-Axis/ Y-Axis depends on your needs.

    You can also try other options to rotate the pattern by a certain angle.

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