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Dear CLO users 

Do you guys know where to find a baby avatar? 

The kid avatar in the library doesn't work when transformed into different measurements, from kid to baby :-/ 

I've been looking on Daz3D but seems more like a gaming avatar in different gaming poses 


Thank you!

Best regards 

Nisrine/ Bestseller A/S

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childshape >> age 4 to 11 years


The best way is to simply set up an exercise and scan your own group of kids that fit your design brief anthropometry and break it down according to national / international market demographics. CLO3D can now take in scan data to fit the base avatar.


We do kids wear and frankly the best approach is to own your own market data (create an inhouse fit-lab) and not to second guess it with a DAZ model. That might be a really crazy idea commercially as it has no ergonomic basis (no documented anthropometric spec to validate the model nor postures) and is fraught with being embedded into clothing blocks that could commercially impact garment fit. You could fit a suitable base model avatar to any scan shape with relative ease once landmarks are taken.

Do it right and do it well.






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