How to add piping or binding at inner hood seam?

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How can I add the piping or binding at inside hood seam? Like the blue line below. I try to add the piping follow the blue line but the piping will appear at the outside of the hood like the left hood seam below.

And I cannot add binding too, it always turns into ed line that the binding cannot be added.


Many thanks!



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Hi smallming, have you tried to remove the linked editing between the hood parts?

At least you can create a small rectangle 1/2mm wide and give a render thickness of 2mm and sew it to the inside of the hood.
Hope this could help you solve the problem.


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Pablo Quintana

Ho smallming. I would do exactly as Daniele suggests, and not use the piping tool, but use a strip of fabric and stitch it thee. Then using a large thickness on a small piece of fabric will give the impression of roundness.


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Flip normals on intersecting patterns where you want the piping to simulate inwards. The piping is now in the inside of a single faced pattern.


Looks like your inner hood pattern should have the normal's facing the other way so make sure you have assembled this correctly. Check the pattern faces using the thin textured surface view (Alt+2) in the 3D window (maybe not on a black fabric but a lighter shade to see the pattern face orientation).

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