There is an error in one of the size presets > US_ASTM_Petite_Straight_12

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I have just been checking all the avatar standard sizes as part of my QA.

I found an error in one of the size presets for Petite straight.

US_ASTM_Petite_Straight_12 is the same dimension as > Petite_Straight_size_10

I have checked all other avatar csv dimensions across all avatars US_ASTM to the standards and they appear to be fine that was the only error. Otherwise these avatars are great. Well done.

Could you please update that US_ASTM_Petite_Straight_12 preset when you have time. Thanks.


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If you save the file out (.csv) from the avatar editor you can open it up in simple spread sheet software.


I have all my avatar (UK/US/EU/JPN/AU/NZ/CN/FR) international sizes done this way - then you can a search a size database and pull up the range of avatar 3D models to fit the customer end market profile. Far faster than what Alvanon do.


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