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Next time has included rulers and Guidelines in 2d a window, and has once again made sure that they cannot use.

Guides should help, not interfere.
If you don’t have a team who used corel draw in their work, watch the video on YouTube.
The pipeline using guides is very simple.
1. Pull the vertical guide from the ruler.
2 pull out the horizontal guide from the ruler.
3. Drag the intersection of the rulers to the intersection of the guides, thereby setting the origin (0,0). In this case, the origin must be snapned to the intersection of the guides.

4.When you select a guide in the properties window, there must be the coordinates of this and the angle that can be changed. When you double-click on the guide, a rotation point appears which you can move and controls for rotation.

5.Of course there should be a snap to the guides. When I move the pattern, the lines and points should snap to the guides.

Now the situation with the guides is critical. I created a drawing grid using guides, but when I start drawing a pattern, points and lines do not have snap to guides.

Even worse, when I try to select a point that is at the intersection of the guides, my guides are highlighted and not the point. That is, the guides are always higher in level and make it difficult to highlight a point.
Guides should not bother me, they should help. Typically, in a corel draw, the guideline is allocated on an empty field, it does not prevent me from highlighting a point or line in the corel. Guides are always visible, but they do not interfere with the selection.
For fun, try moving the point of the pattern, which is located at the intersection of two guides. Just let the programmer who invented it try to move the point. I want to look at that. Record a video of how he will do it, put it on YouTube and call it "Friendly Interface"


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Hi team,

I have one more question..

Is it possible to make like this popup window ?  so we can input a value .

its also help for making pattern in 2d window.. 


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